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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Ask an Empath: Passing Car Accidents

Ask an Empath: Passing Car Accidentsby Lorna Tedder · in Empathy

Hi, dear friends and followers. Today's entry Do you feel pain when you pass a car accident? If you do then this entry might interest you. Thank you very much for visiting and reading my blog

Sitting on the beach, watching planes land. A serene moment away from emotional overload.

Question: Do you as an empath feel pain when you pass a car accident?

I almost always feel emotion when I pass a car accident; however, the texture and depth of emotion depend on the accident itself.

If the accident resulted in severe injuries and/or fatalities, I will often feel the pain as well as the emotions, sometimes even before I see the accident or see victims being loaded into an ambulance.

I’ve come upon other accidents where the prominent emotion was a sense of relief or simply a lingering cloud of fear in the air, for lack of a better description.

For really bad accidents, everything seems to go immediately toward survival and the emotions that surround it. Usually fear as well as physical pain. For fender-benders, the emotions are more annoyance or dread.

Depending on how much time has passed, the emotions can change as well. With fender-benders, an initial reaction of anger is usually greater than and more frequent than an initial reaction of anger with serious accidents in which there are injuries and/or fatalities. In serious car accidents, anger may be a delayed emotional response whereas in fender-benders and the type of accidents that are truly mere inconveniences, the secondary response is often a sense of fear or relief that occurs when the victim realizes just how much worse the outcome could have been.

It is very rare for me to pass a car accident and not get a sense of any emotion at all. Often, I will begin shielding immediately, out of self-preservation.

Note: I agree with all the above, for I have experienced the same emotions concerning accidents. Every time I do see an accident, first, I give thanks to Great Spirit that everything is under control at the accident scene; and second, I thank Great Spirit that I was not involved in the accident. 

If there was no immediate help on the scene, I would feel compelled to stop and help, and I would. But actually being in contact with those affected by the accident would not set well with my sensitivities. But as I said, I would feel compelled to do so if I had to. 

Again, I thank Great Spirit that I had that experience but once in my life. Feeling it from a distance is bad enough. Don't forget, as an empathic person you feel everything they do like it was your own.

About feelings and sensitivities; I have also on many occasions felt some very heavy dark energies just driving through certain places in a city. I felt pain, fear, and distress that seem to be the most prominent of negative energies I, or any empathic person, can pick up from the air when going through a certain area. For that reason, I am relieved that I am back living in my small town.These are just my experiences. Other empaths’ mileage may vary. Lorna Tedder
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