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Monday, 12 October 2015

Becoming Psychic: How Much Is Too Much to See?

Becoming Psychic: How Much Is Too Much to See?
by Lorna Tedder · in Psychic

Hi dear friends and followers. First I wisht to thank you for visiting and reading my humble blog. Today's entry deals in psychic abilities. My quote is in orange text

I’ve always loved having a little help from my psychic friends. Call it a character flaw. Call me a control freak. But I like to know things.

Sure, tell me if the love of my life is going to spill a drink on me at Applebee’s so I’ll know not to throw a drink back in his face and stalk out. I’d appreciate that, thank you. Tell me the important stuff so I take the risk out of my future of screwing up good stuff.

Granted, whatever any accurate psychic or intuitive might tell me about the future is only an energetic snapshot based on what I’m attracting to me at the moment. Some psychic answers aren’t any good beyond 2 to 4 weeks, and others are set in stone years in advance.

I’ve always envied psychics who could see the future–and the specific futures of those who asked–like movies unfolding before them. I’m the one who has always said, “I wanna see, I wanna see, I wanna see!”

No more.

With my most recent spiritual leap ahead, I became ungrounded because I could suddenly “see.”


Too much.

I became so psychic that I was seeing the intentions of coworkers, including facts they were hiding from me. Not a bad thing. But I was also seeing things about colleagues and friends that I didn’t need to know.

Was I supposed to tell them? Would they want to know? Would they think I was crazy?

Even the ones who believe in psychic ability might find my revelations to be a disservice. Maybe things they didn’t want to know. Or news that would convince them to do nothing, when my vision was the result doing SOMETHING.
Note: I have had this experience many times, and most times when I have told or warned someone about something negative in their coming days, most thought I was crazy and ignored me, or I did not see them again for a while. What is funny about all this psychic stuff is that most times it's about negative things. One in particular, threw me for a loop, and for many years after I blocked the psychic stuff. 

This was in my earlier life, when I was about 25 years old. My friend and her boyfriend were visiting me, and there was drinking involved. They were going to another city about 100 miles away, and I thought I would talk them into staying overnight. But they left that night. I had had a bad premonition about a car accident and two days later I heard about it.  They were in the accident. She didn't survive the crash. 

For many years after I managed to block off all psychic communications. When I was in my forties, it returned, and this time I decided to use the ability to help others as a social worker. That ability was priceless.

I have had many other experiences since then,  like having knowledge of technical and scientific advancements years before they were announced. I also had some that were not so good.  I can sense rather readily on national disasters. 

And yes, it is possible to change the future with prophetic dreams. One just knows when the dream is right by the way it feels, like a little voice telling you. If you act on this information you can change the course and direction of your future, for the better or the worse, but the little voice within I have found to never be wrong. Trust the little voice.  It is your inner instincts talking to you.
If observing something changes it, then can observing something in the future and revealing it change it to its detriment? I know from personal experience that I’ve changed the future based on a prophetic dream. Loved ones did not die because I did the crazy thing and warned them against a danger in front of them, just out of their sight.

My visions, when I became so incredibly psychic, were full of good things. Amazing things. Things I’ve wanted for so very long.

Great. Now what?

Keep it to myself?

I recognized the man napping in my bed in mid-afternoon daylight. Do I seek him out and tell him? Wouldn’t that make it easier for both of us? Do I back off and play it cool? Will my next action, based on this new knowledge, actually change the course of the future and cause the things I want–that are currently coming to me–to vanish? Knowing the future was…paralyzing. I could see so many aspects of a beautiful future, and I was terrified of making a misstep that might cost me any part of it.

So I decided to back off from this particular gift, back to where I was intuitively and empathically before this ascending step.

I’ll wait to see how things unfold, enjoy the mystery and the Mysteries, for a change. And I’ll let time tell me exactly how that man ends up napping in my bed, alone, in the middle of the afternoon.

Maybe I’ll join him.
Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. Have a great day. 
ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

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