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Thursday, 15 October 2015



Hi, dear friends and followers. Welcome, and thank you for visiting and reading my blog. Today I am going to share with you part 2 of "How to see a fairy."
To see a fairy, regardless of realm, it’s best to travel to their home environment. Just like if you wanted to see a woodpecker in person, you’d travel to the place that woodpeckers live. You also might look up what times of day woodpeckers are active, and what types of food they eat, so you could plan your trip for optimal woodpecker viewing opportunities. And you’ll do this to see a fairy too.

Fairies live in moist, dense forests. They prefer deciduous forests overall, but fairies live in all forests everywhere - even pine, alpine forests, or sparse stands of Eucalyptus in Southern California. The larger the stand of trees, the more vast the amount of tree cover, the better. The only requirement is that there must be tree cover. Why? This is simple really, full sun is too harsh on fairy wings. It’s too harsh on pretty much everything, and fairy wings are not excluded. It gets too hot in full sun, and it’s drying. The sun is respected of course, don’t get me wrong, it’s just that fairies prefer filtered, warm sunlight. In the understory of a forest, where sunlight comes filtering in through the spaces between the leaves, only hitting the forest floor in spots here and there, this is the location where fairies can be found.

As far as time of day, fairies take naps when the sun is at it’s hottest. Just as many humans do, as well. Fairies are most active in the mornings from 6 am to 11 am, and in the late afternoons, from 3 pm to 5 pm, and again, in the early night hours, from 7 pm to 9 pm.

Your best chance seeing a fairy, or many fairies, roughly is during these time frames, in a stand of trees that is mostly shaded with filtered sunlight. You probably already have a place in mind. If there’s water - like a stream, even better. Fairies love sitting on moss and ferns - why? Because they are comfortable to sit on! Everyone likes lounging by the water side, and fairies are no exception here. If you were a fairy, you’d probably enjoy sitting on a fern, listening to the gentle trickle of the stream, too. In fact, you might secretly wish you could!

Those are the basics to seeing a fairy, or many fairies, and I bet that you already have just the place in mind!

SEEING FAIRIES: In the Physical Realm

Visit a stand of trees that fits the description above, during the time of day optimal for fairies. Now, it’s time to look for glints of light. This can most easily be done if you find a stream or a source of water. But, you’ll also see glints of light on the forest floor, in the canopy, on reflections in dew on leaves, or the shimmer of a waxy leaf. Standing in the middle of the forest, take a moment to look around you. Spin around 360 degrees. You aren’t “looking” for anything in particular when you spin, instead, you are letting your eyes and your mind only pick up on the glints of light that catch your eye.

These glints of light, shimmers, sparkles, or flashes - reflections on water, where the sun hits in just the right way, a shiny beetle, a waxy leaf - these are fairies.

Once you’ve spotted one, now is the time to acknowledge. You’ve entered an area that is no longer your home, but the home of a fairy. It’s time to greet them, just as you would greet the owner or the resident of a house you visit; it’s only polite. Thank them for being your hostess for the day - for the forest, is tended to by the fairies that live there. In the same way that any human home is tended to by its residents.

In this moment, be aware of your senses. You may feel a buzzing or vibration in the air - you’ll feel it on your skin or hear it in your ears. Know that this is the sound and feeling of fairies all around you.

That’s it - you’ve now seen a fairy or several. Once you’ve seen them one time, you’ll forever be able to spot a fairy. Say hello and continue on your walk, as one friend of the forest to another, you’re both stewards of the environment, in your own individual way.

SEEING FAIRIES: In their Home Realm

As we discussed earlier, because fairies are able to leave the fairy realm and enter the physical realm, where we live, we also have this ability. I know, it sounds weird - how can I transport myself to the fairy realm? I don’t have a time or dimension traveling machine!

It’s easy. Easier than you think. All you do, is say one simple thing,

“I am transitioning to the fairy realm now.”

And like a stage switching scenes, you switch from the physical realm to the fairy realm. Sure- it isn’t magic, all of your belongings are still around you, you still look like you’re in the physical realm, and you ARE. What’s shifting is the energy. The other realms are energetic realms - they don’t necessarily have a different backdrop, just a different feel. You’re still on the same stage, as it were, but the air around you has shifted.

Now what? How can you actually see a fairy?

Well - this is different depending on how you see clairvoyantly, you may see a fairy in your minds eye (third eye) or with your physical eyes.
When you first start doing this, it’s best to begin in the same place that they exist in the physical world, in a lightly shaded forest. The fairies are plentiful there, and you’ll have a better chance of seeing one with your eyes. In the beginning, your eyes aren’t used to seeing fairies, and as I’m sure you’ve heard, there are some theories about our brains and visual perceptions - we only see what we expect to see, and let’s be honest, our brains don’t expect to see fairies, at least not yet! (See here, here and here, for more info on this type of perception, for starters.) 

So, I’ll tell you what, the first things you’ll see, will be figures. You’ll think that you saw a small difference in the texture of the air floating by, the air looked weird over by that tree for a minute. It might look like a heat wave, or gelatinous, or shaky, a strange vibration. You might see a whitish, gold, or otherwise glowing, outline of a figure zip by. Know that by seeing these small deviations in the air, you are starting to get used to seeing fairies. You are training your brain to see them. The more you step into the fairy realm, with the intent purpose to see a fairy, the more and more concrete your visions will get each time. Keep doing it. Again and again. You might only see them in your imagination at first (seeing clairvoyantly with your third eye!), thinking that maybe you imagined a fairy there, but you didn’t actually see it with your eyes. It’s the same thing, you saw a fairy.

The key, is to keep practicing.

And when you’re ready to be done for the day, you simply say that you are transitioning out of the fairy realm, and back to the physical realm. Or don’t. You’re also welcome to stay indefinitely.

We’re happy to have you! Says Jack ;)

That’s it! It’s almost spring, perfect time to get out there and start practicing!

Happy fairy spotting,
Sarah and Jack
Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. Have a great day. 

ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

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