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Sunday, 8 November 2015

An assortment of short poems, quotes, and verses for you

An assortment of short poems, quotes, and verses composed by me

Hi, dear friends and followers. Thank you very much for visiting and reading my blog. Today I have an assortment of short poems, quotes, and verses for you to enjoy on this Sunday afternoon 

The Mystical Purple forest Composed by me +Cindy Groulx 
Once upon a time there was this beautiful alien world. 
Peaceful and tranquil it was, 
where countless sparkling stars shone above, 
With two moons glowing on high, 
one blue and one magenta;
their reflection sparkling like tiny rainbows
upon the wavelets of a turquoise luminescent pond.
Maybe, yes, it just might possibly be there, 
in this mystical purple forest. 
This is where you may just possibly find,
the home of the Fairy Lady 

Deep Forest Magical Realm Composed by me +Cindy Groulx 
Most children recall laying their head in the grass, 
Staring into what appeared to them to be, 
in their minds eye, an infinitesimal forest 
and seeing it transform before their eyes,
with a populace of ethereal fairies. 
In this wondrous world of the imagination,
a wonderland is born! 
A Sea Wizard was an Elfin child, a Prince,
the escort of the Pineapple Fairy Princess. 
Together they played and danced within the forest, 
of their enchanted kingdom of Galeon,
in the forest of tall grass. 
They lived in magical Fairytale Palaces, 
In place hidden among the tall grass and trees, 
in this Mysterious Worlds they created as children. 
and to this day these worlds live on into eternity, 
it is made from a fabric that never wears out. 
They are bound together with everlasting love 
that will never to be forgotten in the child's mind. 

More short verse and quotes by me, +Cindy Groulx:
“May the stars carry your imagination, 
and take it aloft, beyond this world.
May the colorful nebula be as varied
as the scent and color of the flowers
and fill your heart with beauty.
May hope forever wipe away your fears;
And, above all, may the silence of the voids,
make you strong in your faith.” 
A prayer to Great Spirit by me +Cindy Groulx 

The Great Spirit of Universe is always willing to offer us a second chance.

Great Spirit always takes care of those that you hold close to thine heart.

Great Spirit, help us today to seek, through thee, for our hearts to always be filled with love for you, and for one another. For there is no pleasure greater than to be at peace with all in your presence.

Choices; Composed by me +Cindy Groulx 
"You cannot change fate. However, you can rise to meet it, if you so choose," the sorceress of the Blue Forest declares as she rides hard and fast on her spectral mount.
Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. Have a great day. 

ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

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