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Friday, 13 November 2015

Fairy Lady’s Night Out

Fairy Lady’s Night Out

Hi my dear friends and followers, Seeing that today is the dawn of another weekend I would like to share with you another of my fantasy poems. Perhaps something to rest the weary mind by after your stressful week.
As the sun arose on the eastern horizon,

the fairy lady woke to greet the dawn.

She rubbed her eyes, yawned and glanced about, 

grateful for her surroundings and another day.

She reached for her magic wand (all fairies have one) 

which to anyone else looked like a walking stick.

A confident smile curled her tiny lips,

As she stood and stretched in her treetop bed.

“Another day on Earth lay ahead,” she thought,

“what it will bring I am keen to see!”

She fluttered her wings in readiness 

for her day’s journey through the woods.

To the doorway of her den she walked,

And from it jumped, and fell like a leaf;

But her fall stopped with grace as she hovered there

with hummingbird’s agility between treetop and forest floor.

Then with her wand in her hand and her arms at her sides
she zoomed in a blur, fast as a hornet.

There was so much to see and her day had begun!

Through the forest she raced, to the meadows and fields,

to take-in wildflowers’ bouquet was her treat.

Morning glory and honeysuckle fill her with joy

As to her destination she flies.

The air fills with magic and anticipation grows

But only she knows exactly where she is going.

To the fairies’ dance, in a place well-hidden

from those whose hearts would not understand.

For magic is a gift that not all can feel,

but those who can feel it are mightily blessed.

They are like little ones they are because they believe

And they feel magic’s joy, not asking how or why.

The fairies have come to lighten the soul

and to enrich us with their gift at this time and place; 

To rejoice, to revel and to dance in the glitter of

magical fairy dust, and to delight in the glee of the night.
Orbs fill the air in the woodland’s clearing,

Grandmother Moon’s light helps weave the spell.

The Prince of the Dance escorts the Fairy Lady

And another spell, quite special on its own

Is cast between the two, one on the other,

on this lovely, mystical night.

“Let us sit by the brook for a time and rest,”

the jubilant Prince offers to the Fairy Lady;

“Let us sit and be entertained by nature’s very best,

her very own instrumentalists of the green forest,

the best in any land my lady.”
Prince and Lady, dancers and music, nature’s players;

all conspire to make a bit of Heaven here on Earth.

Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. Have a great day.

In Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

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