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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Catch A Flight?

Catch A Flight?

Hi, dear friends and followers. Today I would like to share anther poem with you, a romantic fantasy. Thank you for visiting and reading my blog

Come! Come with me if you dare!
Join me on a journey to the land of fantasy,
the mystical realm of the yet unseen!
We shall drift far away yet still be near.
You will hear the roar of the ocean waves
as they rush to the shores, as yet unseen.


Then you look up at the stars enchanting.
So different are they from whence you came.
Spirals within spirals, wheels within wheels,
reaching out into infinity.
You yourself are Infinity’s child.
We shall sit upon a comet,
and gaze at the abundance of creation.
If you will follow me, my love,
You shall see so much more!
The heavens are the velvet-lined coffer,
that contains your royal jewels!

We shall lie upon the cool, white sand;
On the ocean’s shore you hold me
in your loving arms, as I take you even
deeper into my fantasy land.
But only if you are willing to follow me.
Belief and follow my heart,
and close your eyes and wish.
Relax and wish upon any star you desire;
totally relax your body and mind.
Slowly allow yourself
to peacefully drift away as in sleep,
but still consciously aware,
of the environment around you...


Do you finally feel the stillness and calm
that separate your body from your overactive mind?
Soar with me into the mystical universe,
light as a feather on a summer day’s breeze,
we shall float in space among the stars.
There is not a sound to be heard,
For you will quickly discover that
in the plane of the unseen
there is nothing comparable
to the land from whence you came

We are now in our fantasy land,
a place where whatever you think already is!
So would you care to join me there again?
Be with me in my little fantasy land?
Then meet me there in our dreams tonight.
Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. Have a great day. 

ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

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