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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Spirituality and The Flow of Relationships

Spirituality and The Flow of Relationships
Posted on November 17, 2013 by Seeker ...

Hi Dear friends , welcome to my blog. Today we continue with part three "The Spiritual Quest." Please continue enjoying reading this mini series article. The best I have seen in a while. 
Spirituality and the flow of life. In life we have many people who come in and out of the picture as we move on our differing paths. Some show up as work associates or party playmates, we support fellow believers or common causes, some as friends or teammates, some as lovers, some as spouses, some as enemies and many more titles we can assign to people. The description of these interactions are defined by us on our life course.

Our lives are like flowing rivers, we’re all flowing in our currents and we swirl together and we swirl apart. This is the dance of life. In the dance of life there are two constants that you can absolutely depend on.

The first is change. …
Change is the reality of life, but as humans, unlike all other life forms, we are all trying to control our lives. So when we are in harmony with other humans we are attracted and bonded until one’s flow moves one in a different direction.

The second …
We can be certain that we will reside forever in this realm with ourselves. Every night of our lives, as we go to bed, we close our eyes we can depend on ourselves being there.

Conclusion: I try not to explain why this is the way it is. I just go with the flow. We live in a realm of energy flows, these energies are always interacting. Be okay with however this life flow unfolds because it’s not in our control. Be who you are … that’s good enough, in fact that’s the perfect place for each of us!

People will come and go, some come back around, some are gone forever. Allow the life flows around you to be as they are. Go with the flow while being true to you. That is the most peaceful and pleasant track I have found in this highly complex reality we call life.

My Note. What is described here, is very much the life of an empath. Feeling energies every day of our lives whether they be negative or positive. The Paragraph above describes very well the only way to be able to deal with these energies. You can only be your best self you can be. Letting people flow in and out of your life. Some you may see again, but more often then not, you may never see them again. If you are truly an empath, that can hurt deeply, and all you can do to heal is to let them go
The Truth Poem
Posted on April 5, 2013 by Seeker ...

This poem was written on August 20, 2011.

Truth runs deep … how deep? … Will we ever know?

It seems so firm, yet it’s elusive … If your honest not in denial
It’s pursuit is a pleasure although sometimes it feels like it’s a trial

Try your hand at finding it … it is our life divine …
When you believe you have found it … you will block it’s further shine.

Truth is not the destination a place at which to stay
rather it’s the process revealed along the way

Please join in on this life process … it is a genuine life mission
if you think you have “The Truth” your life will be imprisoned

So be open … be honest … accepting all as Him
if we reject anyone or anything our vision will be dimmed

Please keep the course … pursue the faith … accept the advice above
The depth of truth we should all pursue is the path of light and love

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