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Saturday, 29 August 2015

Tall Ships at Sea

Tall Ships at Sea
Hi dear friends and followers. Today I wish to share with you a sea poem, composed by me. +Cindy Groulx  Thank you for reading  
With hull and crossbeams of oak and pine,
and sails of stiff, white white canvas cloth,
she sailed upon the salty seas.
And nearing the land she loosed irons and steel
before she could smell the disease in their blood,
the thirst for blood deep in their hearts,
their heartless intent made them press onward.

She warned the Chief; 
but his advice-givers reminded him
that the Witch Priestess had rejoined the land
to anchor to the bottom of the shallow cove.
Before sailing she was a mere maiden
who will now soon walk the steps of the Crone.

“I hold the song of hope!” the maiden sang, dancing.
Grandmother sang into her soul:
"If you don’t let me sing the words,
the land will swallow our people’s flesh
and strangers will step on their broken bones.”

She continued to plead, 
but the maiden would not listen.
Afterwards the skies grew dark,
and the smell of decay, like that of  death,
thickened in the air, carried by the wind.
The Maiden sang the Crone’s words to the sea
and the water filled with breath.
A tempest blew,  the waters heaved and rolled,
ripping the sails from the tall ships at sea
and plunging them down deep into the depths 
where surely all would drown.
At sea holding onto anything that floated,
the sailors held to a procession as sailors do,
swimming with eyes and ears open.
She descended into water-shielded caves.
and brought the sailors within.
The wind abated, and the clouds parted.

When the moon was full, and shining like silver,
the Maiden of the Waters swam to the surface
to entangle her long black hair
and sing the Grandmothers’ golden songs.
The sirene of the great sea had spared 
the men who were in peril at sea that night. 
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