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Friday, 29 March 2013

Ain’t Nobody gonna Break my Stride

Hi dear friends and followers. Today I have a poem which I composed myself sometime back and thought it might be of interest to you. Have a great read. 

Ain’t Nobody gonna Break my Stride

Hey girl, ain't nobody gonna break my stride. I am as stubborn and ornery as a dumb OX.

If not, I would never have gotten this far through the turmoil and chaos of the past to this island of relative peace and tranquility within myself. I am as strong as the wind but as delicate as a spider's web.

I may break like the spider’s web in the buffeting wind, but I can also be rewoven by the spider determination. Always love and not hate, forgiveness of those who cannot see, then give of myself to those I wish to have the ability to see.

Oh, how I have sat so many times and wondered at the stupidity of those who are blind to the world around them.  I try to enlighten the path for those who fail to see the brilliance and beauty of the light that is all around them.  But it appears they do not possess the ability to see this light for the all-consuming darkness will not allow them to see this brilliant beauty which abounds all around.
Their ears are deaf to my words and their eyes look blankly through me as though I were not there.

Being the trusting and determined soul I am, I may at times get weary on this journey through life, and have had need to stop to rest. But I mustn’t rest for too long for I will become overwhelmed by loneliness and once again I hunger to move on. I can not and will not surrender to the darkness that threatens to consume me times. I must keep trudging my way forward against the buffeting wind of time, as the blowing stinging, sands of time that quicken the tears that well up from my eyes.

I gather my cape about me as I lean into the vicious, shrieking wind, and continue to slowly but meticulously forge my way forward on my journey’s destiny.

At last the wind dissipates, and the air calms about me as I open my eyes to see. As I blink my eyes to clear them from the dust and sand, the light around me is of a surreal brightness.
Bright light in a thick, swirling fog, like eddies of smoke. For a time I thought surely I was losing my vision. Then the swirling mist began to thin as my eyes started to adjust and focus to different shapes around me.

"I can see!" I say excitedly as I place my hands over my cheeks! I can see all the beautiful children stopping to look up at me, with both hands clasped behind their backs in wide-eyed, innocent wonderment. “Who is this strange lady who appeared out of nowhere?”
Cynthia ©

Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. have a great Week.

ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

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