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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Valley of the People

Valley of the People

Hi, dear friends and followers. Today I have a story composed by me which was derived from a dream, a very vivid dream. Thank you very much for visiting my blog and I hope you enjoy the story

I find myself standing on a high shelf near the top of a mountain. This is the place where the mountaintop touches the heavens, I am told. Many go to mountaintops to speak to the spirits to gain knowledge and wisdom. The mountain tops are symbolic of the Earthly Mother's yearning to touch the Heavenly Father.

I can see myself holding something in my hands as I intently watch a steady stream of people dressed in dusty, tattered clothes winding their way through a pass between mountains. From my perch high up, near the top the mountain, I am able to see them entering a beautiful emerald green valley surrounded by sharp, craggy purple mountains, standing like giant sentinels guarding the lush green forests, interspersed by a patchwork of fields and valleys of lighter shades of green. The valleys are dotted with shimmering lakes, connected by streams and rivers that sparkle like gems in the brilliant sun of an azure sky.

As I turn back to look at the dry, desolate, grayish-brown expanse of land before me, I become aware that the object I was holding in my hands resembled a crystal ball. The crystal ball was pulsating, radiating a gleaming white light, as I brought it up over my head, holding it high above me. I then realized that the crystal ball I held was a the beacon whose purpose was to light the way for those who seek the way out of the desolate wilderness.

A young girl-child, tugs persistently at the hem of her mom's dress. The mother of the child looks down at the dusty face of her young one, who is smiling broadly with eyes as big as saucers. She does not speak, but only points towards the mountains. Her mom looks in the direction the child is pointing tentatively with her tiny index finger. At first the mom doesn't see anything, but as her dust dried eyes moisten and adjust to the distance, she sees it. A tiny, bright blue spark, there, near the top of the mountain! Excitedly she shouts as she pulls on the sleeve of the woman next to her.

She noted that as word went around there were others who began to point towards the mountains. She was relieved all had resumed plodding wearily forward. At least it now was, literally, towards a spark of hope.

I smile and stand proud as the people make their way through the pass to the valley beyond. My soul mate comes to stand beside me. She holds up high and proudly over her head a light sword that is made of the same bright light as the crystal ball.

I have been told that to see is to believe. Even as we dream we see what tomorrow will bring. The great streams belongs to Mother Earth. They are ever flowing and never ending, steady as her "well of life". This is where all birth and manifestation occur. She gives us the ability to feel with our bodies.

As stars in the night shine, so does the unity of these lights as they wind around each other from light to light with the purity of darkness. The pillars of the Pearly Gates give us passageway between one realm of our hearts to the other realm, that of time. Together we travel two roads as one journey. The love of the heart is as great as a mountain. Here where eruptions can occur, the law of love overcomes all to build great things.

When one finds no joy in one's life, one becomes weary. The need to be inquisitive, to know, learn, and to be productive, has left them. One becomes the inferior man/woman. But in the embrace of hope, a feeling of protection comes over them. One looks up and walks upright. As one sees the mountains around them, one knows the journey may be long and arduous, but the beauty sustains them and they yearn to be the superior one, and know and be as one with the Oneness of Universe, Source, Great Spirit, *God.* (Pick a higher power of your understanding and insert Its name here.)

Cynthia © 2015

And they shall gather as the constellations of stars of the night sky —
because they shall truly be as bright as stars upon the face of this Earth.
And the faces of this New People shall shine like the Sun —
because they shall truly be the Light of the Golden Orb
shining within the æthers of this Earth.
And their voices shall sound
as gently as leaves in the forest moved by the breeze
and as mighty as the roaring thunder awakening all to life —
because theirs shall be the power to sing songs of joy
and to unlock the sealed mysteries of Life.

Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. have a great Week.

ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

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