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Monday, 22 April 2013

Inner Knowings

Yes I believe I know why I have this inner knowing that informs me about certain events and occurrences. Some are truly painful to experience and may not be so clear as to the purpose or reason as to why I experience them.

There are times there isn't any thing I can say or do to prevent or change anything unless the way to do so was clearly and specifically shown to me by the inner knowing as I proceed with what needs to be done. But I have come to believe it does not always necessarily work out that what ever is required of us to do is not necessarily in a physical sense, it is from within.

It is not impossible to know instinctively or intuitively what is required of me to do if I am open minded to such phenomena and petition in meditation or prayer to be shown how to deal with any problems on a daily basis. Most times, unless I am not open to receiving, even without even realizing, catastrophe hits. But instinctively if I am aware, I am lead to do what’s right and in this manner I am able to circumnavigate any potential stumbling blocks there might be along the way.

Just like the Biblical prophesies were not written in stone, Sometimes there is a way to divert such catastrophic events as foretold in the prophesies. It does happen on occasion one changes their mind about a certain thing and by this idea not being completed, it doesn't happen. In this way those of us sufficiently aware are able to intervene, just by *without even being there physically to do it, you Just do your part of not doing what doesn't feel right*

I learned this lesson the hard way that there are something’s we have no direct physical control over. There are certain events that will come to pass both in the now and the future that are not meant for us to intervene, but always follow what feels true within you. Do not follow blindly.

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