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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Take a Chance

Hi dear friends and followers, happy Sunday to you. Today is poem day and I have composed a special one for you. Enjoy the read.

Take a Chance

She wandered the forest since day's early dawn

But could not find her way.

The familiar land seemed strange and alien,

in ways she could not quite understand.

A beautiful girl, both graceful and fleet,

through the forest she ran, with the ease of a deer;

round and round in circles she went,

til finally she needed to stop and rest,

For even the elf maiden tires and wearies.

One would marvel at her fairy-like profile

As she lay in the grass under a maple tree.

Exhausted from running she put her arm under her head,

then she swiftly drifted into the realm of sleep.

She lay in the grass at peace, smiling,

her gentle face framed by her long, golden hair.

There was no missing her long, pointed ears;

silver toe rings adorned her sandaled, elfin feet.

What awoke her with such an urgent start?

The late day sun in the trees obscured her view.

Quickly, she pulled her hood over her head

For she had heard of humans, but never met one.

She thought it best that if they were nearby,

they didn't see her ears, lest the questions fly.

Then came a boy, about her age, it seemed,

A handsome, ruddy lad – was she still in a dream?

He hailed her: “Hello! Is all well by you?”

He called out with a little concern.

She understood the words but made no reply.

She stood transfixed and gazed upon him.

“A handsome young human he is!” she thought.

“A kiss from his lips would be like magic to me!”

Coming closer he asked, "Please lower your hood,

for just a moment, please if you will.

I desire to know the beauty hidden beneath.”

Reluctantly, she removed the hood,

revealing to him her long, pointed ears.

The lad stopped to appraise the unexpected - 

The girl began to blush and to replace the hood,

But the youth said, “No, no need for that.

They make you more beautiful and precious!”

He thought a kiss from her would somehow

set the sky afire with all the colors of the rainbow.

They embraced and lips met.

They knew then they could never be apart.

Forever would they be one.

She was a fairy’s child, delicate and sweet.

Each whispered word she changed into a spell,

that intoxicated by sweet magical scent.

For every dusk they would meet by the river's edge.

They kissed once more then she turned to leave,

then stopped momentarily at the edge of the wood to look back;

Then vanished as though she had just evaporated into the air.

Thank you everyone for dropping by to read this post, I hope you have enjoyed reading it. Comments and suggestions or questions are welcome.
Composed by Cynthia

ڰۣ With love from The Fairy Lady ڰۣ

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